About Us

Secrets Organic Box was born from a passion to provide people with the opportunity to try out organic products and go on to purchase the items they loved, whilst educating people on the benefits of choosing an organic lifestyle.


My name is Ruth and I run Secrets Organic Box with my two-year old toddler in tow. I am a plant-lover and passionate about healthy living – not fad diets but creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. After struggling with adult acne and noticing the negative effect that certain products and foods had on my own and my daughter’s skin, I decided to incorporate organic, natural, non-toxic and chemical free products in my household, meals and beauty routine, as much as I possibly could. And it has made such a difference – from improved skin to improved sleep! 


If you are here, you too are looking at the products you use and consume and wondering about or have personally experienced the side effects of unnatural ingredients. I love that I can share some of the brands that I have discovered with you – both big and small brands, who are putting in the effort to leave a positive impact on your health and our environment. I hope you love testing out the products in each month’s box as much as I love sharing them with you.


Yours in wellness,


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